During the Show

It’s happening! Ah! So exciting! Here’s what you can do during the show to help make things go as well as possible!

Promote, promote, promote!

The best way to ensure the market is a success is to get the word out there! Invite your friends, share the graphics on social media, and let your mailing list know that the fair is going on.

Don’t forget to tag us so we can share your works!

Contacting Us During the Fair

If you have questions or need something tweaked (for example, if your featured item sells out and you would like something else featured), please contact us by email at pnpfair@gmail.com.

During the fair, both of us are actively working to resolve any issues. Our social media also gets a little busy. This means that messages sent by social media can get lost in the shuffle. Also, only one of us is logged into the social media account. For our sanity, and to ensure you get a prompt response, we ask that you only message us by email.

(Optional) Attend the Workshop

Workshops are free to attend – and we’re thrilled with the line up we’ve curated. We’d love for you to check them out!

It’s taken a lot of work (and patience! – we know those listings were a pain!) to get here. We’d love you to join us for a laid back night with awesome music (two wonderful, live DJs) and some dancing and chatting.

Enjoy the fair!

We hope you enjoy the community and more that comes together for this fair. If you selected to receive notifications of sales as they came in, keep an eye on your inbox! You can use these emails to get a head start on packing orders – but that’s your choice either way!

Thank you again for being part of this.