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Friday, April 22, 2022.

*We’re sorry for the mistake in the email newsletter. There is only one workshop scheduled for this edition of the Pride, Not Prejudice Fair. We hope to see you at the Art Hive – details below!


PNP Art Hive

with Hannah of Bee Well

This is an open studio where individuals meet to create art. You have the option to use whatever art supplies you have on hand.  Casual and upbeat sessions mean that you can choose your level of participation.  

We’ll start with a brief check-in and offer a thoughtful prompt, along with proven creativity-inspiring music.  The majority of the session will be creating whatever you want. You can follow the prompt or your intuition. Toward the end of the session, you’ll have the option to listen to others share their creations and share your own.

The theme is to be determined.

The art hive happens online.  You will need a version of zoom (which you can download here).

Once you complete our consent form (at the end of this page) you can access our zoom room (the link will appear once you submit the form).

What to Come Prepared With:
Yourself and art supplies.

Our group is open to everyone with any type of supplies. If all you have is a pencil and paper then that’s welcomed.

Other supplies might include:
– any traditional visual art supplies (e.g. paint, paper, crayons, playdoh, pastels)
– any traditional natural supplies (e.g. charcoal, clay, wood for woodworking)
– digital art supplies (like an app you can draw with)
– anything that makes you feel channel your creative energy

The hive encourages you to get creative with a prompt, that might mean you decide to sculpt, paint, or create poetry. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to creating.