COVID-19, and the necessary social distancing, sucks.

Craft and Community Fairs provide an opportunity for the community to come together. They provide a venue for artists, makers, and creators within those communities to share and sell their works. They provide a crucial space for resource sharing, conversation, and connection. They can serve as an opportunity for inspiration, for revitalization, and for solidarity.

We’re not letting COVID-19 stop that.

Pride, Not Prejudice was conceptualized after learning that Feminist Fair was taking a hiatus for the year due to concerns about COVID-19. This event, organized by the Feminist Twins, has been (and will be!) a truly unique event within the Ottawa community. Focusing on feminist and progressive creators and resources while entwining accessibility and community care – this event stood out as a unique gathering space for likeminded individuals.

Likeminded individuals who might often be labelled “social justice warriors”.

Pride, Not Prejudice is an online craft and community fair that aims to provide as much of this community feel and element as possible in an online format.

Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 5:00pm Eastern to Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 6:00pm.

So, how do we plan to capture the community and magic that we love from in person events like Feminist Fair, Ottawa Punk Market – where progressive themes, designs, ideas, and messages can be discussed openly?

We are looking to pull the following elements to capture some of this spirit:

Craft Market

The centre piece of Pride, Not Prejudice is the craft market. This juried market will feature feminist, queer, racialized, and progressive artists, creators, and makers. What sets this market apart from many is that it will offer consolidated shipping. This means that when someone places an order they will receive one package with all their purchases.

This consolidated shipping reduces carbon footprint and increases accessibility by reducing the overall cost of shipping to shoppers. This, in turn, benefits the vendors as shoppers will only pay for the additional item, without the burden of a separate shipping charge. The hope is this will encourage shoppers to make purchases from multiple vendors.

The craft fair will have:

  • Canada wide flat rate shipping for $20
  • US wide flat rate shipping for $20 CAD
  • FREE Local Pick Up

Community Resource Fair

There will be a dedicated section of our website that will highlight community resources in order to raise awareness and connect the community with their work. There will be no obligatory fee for community resources to be featured.