Thank you for your interest in participating in our fair! We can’t wait to learn about you!

Read the Vendor Information

Please read through The Basics thoroughly and consider scanning through the rest of the vendor section of the website – especially about submitting your listings and packaging your orders. It is important that you know the format of the show before applying so that there are no surprises.

Prepare a sample photo

One of the parts of the application form is to upload a sample photo. The image must be of one of your products and must be square (1:1 aspect ratio).
If you need help making your item square, check out this blog post for a step by step guide.

Note for returning vendors: a sample listing spreadsheet is no longer required as part of the application.

Fill out the application form!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Sliding Scale

One of our priorities with this event is accessibility. We want to encourage and support all interested vendors to apply. We recognize that vendor fees can be an obstacle for participation. We have sliding scale available to those it might benefit. The last question on the application form provides an opportunity for self-identification of need. This will not impact the selection committees decision.