Collab Feature

One of the feedback points we received after the last event was a regret that there was not more fostering of engagements and relationships between vendors.

What better way to foster community, creativeness, and just overall awesomeness than through collabs?

We’ve thought this up to try on a trial basis for this spring show.

So, how does a collaboration work in a virtual show?

Collaborative listings appear in the following places:

  • Both/all involved artists’ pages
  • The main market place
  • A special “Collaborations” category in the side bar menu
  • (Potentially) a feature on the front page

Collaborative listings must:

  • Be an active collaboration between at least two vendors, both/all of whom are taking part in Pride, Not Prejudice
  • Not be a white labelled/production agreement (ie. if Ifs, Ands, or Buttons makes buttons for another maker to be sold as that maker’s product)
  • Have creative/artistic influence from both/all makers.

Collaborative listings do not count towards a maker’s normal listing count. The deadline for submitting these listings will also be later than the rest of the listings in order to provide additional time for folks to coordinate.

Each maker can have up to 6 collaborative listings featured in this way (any listing will count for all makers involved).

Collaborate listings will be submitted one a separate submission and list which vendor will be receiving the revenue of sales of that item. That vendor will be responsible for handling the distribution of the revenue among the involved vendors.

For collabs, if any of the involved vendors collect tax, they must be the one that receive the revenues on sales of that collab.

If you have questions about if something would qualify as a collab, please send us an email at