Toadstool Town Scavenger Hunt

First and foremost, are you following the ever magical, self-proclaimed local goblin that is @toadstooltown613? They are a fantastic, Ottawa based, art initiative where she sculpts the cutest little toadstools and hides them throughout the city for folks to find and enjoy! All free, all wonderful, and and done with the hope of bringing a smile and spreading love!

We are so excited to bring, for the first time ever, this toadstool hunt to the virtual stage!

Throughout the course of the fair, you’ll be able to hunt down a little mushroom hidden throughout the site. Every noon and midnight the mushroom will move to a new place for you to find! Clicking on the mushroom will prompt you to enter your name and email – you can enter once every time he moves! At the end of the fair, we’ll take all the entries and run a draw for five prizes.

Each prize consists of one of @toadstooltown613‘s gorgeous sculptures and something from the selection of toadstool themed goodies from Ifs, Ands, or Buttons!

Nitty gritty details

Prizes will be sent out either along with your Pride, Not Prejudice Fair order or by mail, if no purchase is made. No purchase is necessary. The contest is limited to folks in Canada and the continental US. Prizes are limited to one winning draw per person.

We have done our best to make the hunt accessible, however, there are some problems with the pop-up. If you encounter issues, please send us an email with the time and page you found the mushroom on and we will ensure your entry is recorded. Our email is