A big hand for our vendors and all of their wonderful items!

5th Line Creations

Living a crafty dream!

Stephanie Robinson

5th Line Creations started as an after-work hobby to decompress and has quickly turned into a way for me to share handmade creations with others. My love of fun fabrics leads the way in what I make; Fandom fabrics are especially fun to work with – I love to connect people with pieces that can be used as conversation starters. You never know when you might have a shared interest in 90s anime with a potential new friend! Follow me on Instagram if you’d like to see what I’m up to @5thlinecreations


Handcrafted, natural soy candles poured by Tay.


These beautiful candles are handcrafted and poured by Tay using 100% pure soy wax. High quality essential oils are incorporated to give an uplifting scent. Essential oils have been proven to have therapeutic uses and may help relieve stress. This art started out as a hobby during the pandemic. It brought so much joy and peace.


Artisan fartisan making nifty pots to use and love in every day life.


I’m Aleatha (she/her): catmom, foodie, appreciator of good leaves, and a life long artist living in Brockville Ontario. I make pots in my home studio. When I signed up for a pottery class in 2018 I immediately fell madly in love with the medium. I love the process and the many stages between wet clay and finished stone. I love that you can touch and interact with a piece of art while you do something that we all do – eat! And I love connecting my pieces to their new homes knowing they’ll be part of bringing smiles and comfort to someone’s every day life.

Ami & Emme

Ami & Emme is your spot for quirky crochet animals and toys. Run by a Calgary Mama of 3, who recently made this her full time gig!


Hi! I’m Robyn and I am the creator and designer behind Ami and Emme. I started this business as a side hustle in 2017, and recently its become my full time gig as I’m home full time with my 2 youngest daughters. I pride myself on being a very vocal human being- as I’ve lived a life of a lot of privilege, I am trying to use my own social media to divest from my own whiteness and privilege and bring awareness to any one willing to listen. Crocheting is my passion and I’m just grateful I can make it my job as well as connecting to the community it had brought me!

Another Studio

Aimee Furnival


Apis Lutra

Madeleine Kelly

My name is Madeleine, I am a queer disabled woman living and working in Ottawa, and Apis Lutra is my craft business. I make all the items for Apis Lutra myself in my apartment where I live with two dear friends and two darling cats.


We help you take care of your skin with nourishing Shea Butter products

Rissa Sant'anna

I started making soaps and body products more than 20 years ago when I was still leaving in Africa. The formula I used in my soaps are based on vegetable oils and butters that were easily found there. Which explain why the main ingredient in my soaps is Shea Butter. My soaps and body products are very gentle and would not dry your skin.

Artwork By Emilie

Emilie Darlington is a Canadian muralist, painter and illustrator specializing in colourful artwork that expresses and inspires connections with nature.

Emilie Darlington

Emilie Darlington is a Canadian muralist, painter and illustrator specializing in artwork that expresses and inspires connections with nature. Most often working with crisp lines and vibrant colours, Emilie’s intricate murals can be found brightening spaces indoors and out throughout Canada. Emilie’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree informs her approach to colour, scale and design, which she enjoys applying to small scale paintings and vast murals alike. All mural designs are produced by Emilie in her Ottawa studio, where she works directly with clients to bring the concept to life before traveling to hand-paint the mural herself. Emilie’s work is incredibly detailed, and she is known for creating artwork that is equally impactful when viewed from a distance or when close enough to touch.

Artwork by Sandra Naufal

Artwork Makes Everything Better

Sandra Naufal

As a decorative artist specializing in handpainted items, home decor pieces and accessories, I’m proud of my upbringing as a first generation Canadian. Growing up surrounded by relatives who created beautiful handiwork, I was always inspired by the intricacy of crochet, embroidery and countless hours that went into creating family heirlooms. I often feel like I am paying tribute to my grandmothers who took pride in their craft. Many of my handpainted items have been turned into printables notebooks, notecards, stickers and bookmarks. Adding a modern twist to fine linens, wood, rope and beadwork are many of the items used to create decorative pieces with.

Aurora + Holly

children's accessories and play

Lindsay Upiter

With my little girls to inspire me, I use fun fabrics to make handcrafted accessories, clothing and play items for babies and kids. Also checkout the STEM Sensory Kits; play a scientist with our natural coloured bubbling powder.

Axol & Friends

The story of Axol the Axolotl and their many adventures | Sustainable brand working to save the world 🌎💖♻️


Birch Jewellery

A collection of nature-inspired jewellery designed and made in Ottawa.

Samantha, designer & CEO

Drawing from the deep connection we as humans have to nature, Birch Jewellery seeks to offer meaningful and timeless pieces for any occasion—be it a gift for a loved one, a way to say thank you, or a wearable memory.

Carrot Top Soap Shop

We've been jazzing up your hygiene routine since 2016!


Thank you for joining us! My name is Shannon and I am the creator behind Carrot Top Soap Shop. I’ve had a passion for all things bright and wonderful smelling for as long as I can remember. I’ve coupled this with my love for skin care products and my business was born. I’ve tried to create an inclusive space, free from judgement and full of amazing skin care products that my customers can use to help with their self care rituals. Soak away the day. Breathe out the negativity and take in some relaxation. Thank you for shopping with us, you are everything to this business and to my family!

Chez Louie Designs

Waterproof vinyl stickers & other cheeky little treasures.

Jess Bunbury

Affectionately named after my cat, Louie, I launched Chez Louie Designs in Summer 2020 as both a creative outlet and a way to connect with others. Since then, it has blossomed into a fully realized business where I specialize in creating quirky digital graphics, custom pet artwork, stickers, stationary and more. My illustrations often represent authentic or vulnerable aspects of myself, twisted generally with some kind of humor, in an attempt to connect with other people. Drawing for me is a catharsis, a way to channel my emotions and is influenced by struggles and experiences in my life, including mental health, work-life balance, pet ownership and more. Generally, I aim for candid, cute and swear-y when I pick up my Apple pencil.

Cosmic Jackalope Co

✨ Where the magical & creative meet ✨

Sam Daviau

OH HOWDY THERE HOP STUFF! Welcome to COSMIC JACKALOPE CO. (previously Jackalope Crafts)! My name is Sam (she/her) and I am 28 years old Taurus who is obsessed with bunnies, the moon, glitter, smashing the patriarchy and Taylor Swift. I am primarily a resin, design and embroidery artist but I am also a songwriter, singer and producer. So here’s the sitch. My journey has had a lot of ups and downs and as I’m sure many can relate, there have been days where I didn’t know if I was going to make it. But I did and a constant source of growth, therapy and self care has always been creativity and self expression. I truly wouldn’t know where I would be without my ability to create things. With that being said, I started Cosmic Jackalope Co. not only as a way to set my own schedule and do things at my own pace as a chronic illness warrior, but to be able to use my privilege and allyship in society the best way I can. I want to speak up for the voiceless and help those speaking say it louder. Also with every purchase, I will be donating 5% of the listing price to a cause, or initiative in need. I feel like part of my journey on this earth is to help others and this is one way I can do that. Finally, even though I run everything myself, my doggo Bane gives his seal of approval on every item I make/ package with a good ol’ nose boop or sniff snoff. So also tell your fur baby we say hi 💕 Hope to see you around the fluffle soon! – With love and bunny binkies, Sam P.S: *A Fluffle is a group of bunnies & binkies are bunny equivalent to doggo zoomies. Google it.*

Craftify Mom

Mom made with love (and crochet!)

Kanika Arora

This little venture was started last year with my mom. She loves to create new things with crochet, I sometimes I have to tell her to not create “new” items because older ones are still lined up! We both love crafts and I wanted to do something to keep her busy and motivated and this is what we came up with! Thank you for all your love and support last time, we look forward to another round with PNP! This time more important actually, we have some “Ukraine themed” products for which we are donating 100% of our earnings directly in Ukraine. We met a kind lady on Instagram who is also an influencer in Ukraine – she is helping people in Ukraine find safety and food. Hope you like our products! If you’d like to follow us and share feedback, you can do so on Instagram – @CraftifyMom. Thank you!

Distinctive Woodworking

Hand made pens, spice mills and bowls made from recovered, rescued, and sustainably harvested woods for a lifetime of use and joy.

Jonathan Crone

With a 30 year career in high tech, a pair of strong female university aged daughters and a special needs teenage son, I use my ‘distinctive woodworking’ persona as a way to step away from ‘battling my computer’ and to express some badly needed creative time. It also creates an outlet for me to do woodworking with my autistic son in the hopes of building his skills, and to provide him the ability to grow. The other very very important part of distinctive woodworking: I provide people the opportunity to understand that writing is still a crucial part of people’s lives, and that one can write with a sustainable, long lasting, pen, instead of some Chinese-made plastic junk that ends up in a landfill. My bowls and spice mills give you the ability to work with organic textures and tools, while providing an opportunity (especially in the spice mills) to work with smaller, fresh-ground, quantities of herbs, spices, salts and peppers.

Dollop of Spice

Handcrafted Indian-ness!

Kanika Arora

Hello! I’m Kanika, this is my second business (first one is Craftify Mom – go visit! :D). Few years ago I found myself to be in love with cooking, trying new dishes and the feedback I’ve received over the years has been very encouraging! With that motivation, I decided to create a Dollop of Spice to share my and my mom’s Indian spice and pickles recipes, you’d find pickles, jams, spreads and what not but everything will have a touch of “Indian-ness”. It’s all home made, tried and tested. If you have any feedback or would just like to follow us, please visit us @DollopOfSpice on Instagram! Thank you for visiting us 🙂

Drakestail Jewellery

Helping you define your personal style & feel fabulous!

Robyn, Trish, and Roxy

When Roxy and Robyn signed up for a jewellery-making class in 2006, we never imagined we’d be selling our work worldwide! However, in 2008, we did exactly that, launching Drakestail Jewellery at a small local fair. Following that success, we’ve participated in numerous fairs and markets, and launched our Etsy shop to reach a much wider audience. Fast forward to 2015, Trisha joined the team as our third jewellery designer. We’re thrilled to be a trio, and we love bringing our unique styles together into our shop. Our goal is to create quality jewellery that is fun, versatile, and feels fabulously YOU. Drakestail Jewellery is a 100% women-owned business. It’s important to us to be inclusive, and we promote body positivity for all people. We will happily work with clients of any gender, orientation, colour, or culture to help them feel fabulous in our jewellery. It is also important to us to give back to our community, and regularly donate to charitable organizations. Please reach out to us for more information or to collaborate.

Dutch Bike Printing Co

Screenprinted tees and apparel with a bikey vibe!

Jenn van der Schee

Dutch Bike Printing features hand silk-screened printed apparel with a focus on bikes and the world where we ride. As an avid cyclist, I am inspired by the form and function of the simple bicycle, and my prints range from the whimsical, to the highly technical and anatomically correct road and mountain machines. Where we cycle, provides me with inspiration, and many of my prints featured the natural world I see on my rides.

Ebb & Flow Paint Creations

Fluid Acrylic Art Inspired by the Ebbs & Flows of Life and Nature

Samantha Sprague

Thank you for visiting my profile, as a queer woman who has struggled with neurodivergence and mental illnesses all my life I have found that art has been one of the most effective forms of therapy. Fluid Acrylic painting in particular has let me come to accept that sometimes you just haver to go with the flow and see the beauty in the abstract.

Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa

Change... One Step At A Time

Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa works with young and adult women who have been or may become criminalized, to reduce harm and oppression, and to contribute to a healthy community.

Emma Gerard Glass Jewellery

Bright and colourful handmade glass necklaces and earrings

Emma Gerard

I bring 16 years of experience working with glass that includes an advanced diploma from Sheridan College’s Crafts & Design program, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from NSCAD University where I studied metalsmithing. All of my jewellery is completely hand-sculpted and handmade by me. I start with coloured rods of glass that are the thickness of a pencil and melt them at a small oxygen-propane torch using heat, gravity and a few of my favourite metal sculpting tools to sculpt the glass into the desired shape without the use of molds. It is important to me that everything I make is truly handmade as this is not only more fun for me as a artist, but it means that every piece I make for my customers is unique and one of a kind. Creating my jewellery pieces in this way makes sculpture and fine craft more accessible to the average person and also loved by my loyal following.


All natural skincare in fun and delicious scents you just can't get enough of!


Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, Enfematic is dedicated to creating and providing natural and organic products that’ll keep your mind calm, skin soft, and the body well. Our name – Enfematic – derives from the word emphatic, which means to strongly express yourself. The abbreviation ‘fem’ is used as this is a woman-owned business. Founder – Junique Gooden – in her passion of creating natural products, believes that natural products are an extension of expressing oneself naturally and truthfully just as natural products do. As we are an all natural and organic products brand, we take your health seriously. Chemicals, such as: sulphates, parabens, and phthalates, have no business being in any skincare products and you will most definitely not find such chemicals in our products. Our products are handmade in small batches to ensure the quality of each product; created with intention and diligence to maintain high quality standards. As our motto is keep calm, stay soft, be well – Enfematic makes sure that this phrase is lived through our products, so that you can experience it too!

Fckin Delicious

Jams, Pickles & Preserves. They're fuckin' delicious if we do say so ourselves!

Sam & Summer

Hello, Our names are Sam and Summer, we are sisters who love to make people laugh. We created Fuckin’ Delicious to merge our sense of humour with our love of delicious things. We don’t censor ourselves even when people ask us to. We are unapologetically us just like our brand is & we don’t plan to ever change.

Feelin Trellis

Beautiful plant supports that encourage growth while showcasing your plants in a unique way.

Crystal Bailey

My deep love for plants and creating brought me very naturally to my trellis business. I find the hobby to be extremely therapeutic and love the opportunity to be imaginative while using my hands to create something tangible. I love sharing my creations with the community and cherish the connections I make along the way!

Fragile Findings

Jess Meunier

any pronouns
I’m Jess, the maker behind all things Fragile Findings! My crafting endeavors know no bounds, so I’m always working on new things and learning new skills to add to my never-ending collection of hobbies to expand my business!

Frisky Misky's Feline Euphorium

Handmade Cat Toys and Art for Cat Lovers


Frisky Misky’s Feline Euphorium provides handmade products for the ultimate cat party – catnip-filled and catnip alternative-filled fabric toys, self-warming blankets, and other toys such as Kick It toys with crinkle paper inside. All items are made in a small craft room in Ottawa, Ontario; handcrafted in a clean and smoke-free environment and sent out into the world with love, to be enjoyed, and cherished . . . or chewed, or clawed, or caught . . .

Grass Stain Glass

Grass Stain Glass features unique glass creations designed to add a little light, spread a little warmth and share a little joy to your world.

Karie Ford

I come from a long line of makers. My childhood is full of memories of sitting on my mom’s lap learning how to purl, on a step stool beside my nanny rolling out pastry, and in the garage with my dad while he taught me all about woodworking and using his tools. For this I feel so blessed. Grass Stain Glass is my means to express the little bits of life that are charming to me. When I practice stained glass I am in a world surrounded by that lineage of people that I come from who taught me the power of my two hands.

Historical Links

Armour to help you take on the world!

Lara Videau

I’m a chronically ill queer jeweler living in Ottawa on un-ceded Algonquin Anishinabe territory. I handcraft unique pieces of jewelry using stunning patterns, including some that have been around for centuries. Each ring is individually opened, closed and linked to create these patterns. My love of fantasy and history was the initial reason I got into jewelry, but I was also driven by the need I saw around me for jewelry for sensitive skin, which is why I make pieces in a wide variety of metals. I also provide different sizes and customize pieces so that everyone can enjoy my work.

If: Ball‚ Then: Catch

A beautifully illustrated book to get kids excited about robotics and coding!

Katherine Schoepp

Katherine is a female engineer who would like to encourage young children to get interested in the STEAM field (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). After many years of volunteering with children, she wrote “If: Ball, Then: Catch” to make robotics and coding seem more exciting and approachable! John (the illustrator) is a retired engineer and grandfather with a knack for water colour and cartooning. Both Katherine and John are based in Ottawa, Ontario. “If: Ball, Then: Catch” follows the story of a girl who is given a robot dog on her 8th birthday. If she can train this robot dog, then she will prove to her parents that she can handle a real live dog. How hard could it be? Follow along with Dot as she is introduced to some of the logic, reasoning, and structure used to program robots – as well as the importance of curiosity and never giving up! Will Dot be able to prove she is ready for a real live puppy?

Ifs‚ Ands‚ or Buttons

Buttons, magnets, and other little things with unapologetic passion.

Kaitlynne-Rae Landry

I’m a proud queer, feminist maker. The reason I started making buttons is the same reason I continue to make them: I love their ability to communicate, to unite, and to spread awareness, discussion, and progress. I love that this small medium can express so much with the wearer not saying a word. My designs are inspired by things that I am passionate about: activism, animals, plants, mental health, and, of course, cute things. My goal is to spread joy, awareness, community, and understanding while raising money for local causes. I work to make my activism and designs intersectional, and am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and awareness – while recognizant of my privilege as a white, cis woman.

Indigo Maiden

Add an esoteric touch to your life with Indigo Maiden stickers!


It's OK. It's ART.

Emily Harrison


Kanata Soup

Curated local and Canadian produce, veteran run. Artisanal Soup's on!

Laura Capener

We are a veteran run small business that hand makes artisan dried soup mixes and desserts using bespoke recipes and curated local (that we dehydrate ourselves) and Canadian produce. We actually fit a lot of the labels that PNP supports and represents, but we are not fans of labels themselves. We are all human first. We support a lot of socially forward businesses and animal rescues. We make our mixes in a commercial kitchen and are licensed and inspected by the City of Ottawa Health Department (feel free to ask KRae how anal I am about food safety.. lol).

Kristin Fardy Artist

Original paintings, prints, cards, and stickers. Queer AF.

Kristin Fardy

Kristin Fardy paints and creates from her home studio in Ottawa, Canada, and is inspired by nature, human faces, and explorations of identity. While she considers herself a painter first, and creates original paintings of a variety of subjects, Kristin also loves creating new linocut / hand-carved stamp designs for greeting cards, notebooks, and more. Kristin is a queer, genderqueer woman whose work is inevitably informed by this experience (the evidence of which is more apparent in some works than others).

KT Inspired Home

A collection of home and lifestyle goods for todays inspired home

Kim Tessier


Luck & Lavender Studio

Luck and Lavender Studio (KJ Forman) creates soft art, accessories and apparel with a hard edge. KJ’s work features floral drawings combined with darker imagery like skulls and swords, showcasing feminist and 2SLGBTQ+ mantras. Luck and Lavender Studio is for babes who have something to say and want to show the world who they are.

KJ Forman

Luck and Lavender Studio was created by KJ Forman, a queer, non-binary feminist artist who works out of their home studio in Ottawa, Canada. They create visual art speaking to their LGBTQ experience that has a feminist and sex-positive focus. Luck and Lavender Studio’s goal is to create positive, affirmative pieces that can be used as a tool to connect and bond with other marginalized people in a way that celebrates lived experience and resilience.

Madison Conlin

Decorative tufted wall hangings made with acrylic yarn

Madison Conlin

I’m a bi, married, feminist, vegan mom interested in liberation of all kinds.


it's like claire's, but 4 grownups


i’m a sapphic yarn fiend who creates in my spare time!

Maple Mills Macrame

Maple Mills Macrame offers a variety of macrame decor, including coasters, plant hangers, wall hangings, and more. Handmade with care using recycled cotton, my products add personality to any space in your home.

Shelby Featherston

I started macrame as a hobby just about two years ago now. It quickly became one of my favourite creative outlets, and not long after I started to sell my creations. Every piece is handmade with care, the majority being made from recycled cotton from a Canadian supplier. Supporting local and small businesses has always been important to me, and I am honoured to once again be represented alongside many incredible vendors at the PNP fair and to be supporting a variety of causes. A portion of sales from any of my pride macrame collections will be donated to a local charity- my way of giving back to our community.

Monarch Beadwork

Closer to mino bimaadiziwin/the good life one bead at a time!

I am a mixed Anishnaabe artist that enjoys creating art inspired by our Earth’s beauty! I love focusing my creativity on nature themes and colour palettes. I feel that this focus has given me more gratitude for the world around me. Turtle Island gives us so much that a simple walk through the forest on a warm summer’s day can stir up so many creative ideas! Combining traditional beadwork techniques with nature allows anyone to support Indigenous beadwork and culture. Who doesn’t love a cute lil bug, or pretty flower? I also strive to incorporate the Anishnaabe language into my beadwork. Something as simple as including a word in Anishnaabemowin that can relate to each art piece. I hope that this will spark an interest in learning the language for other Indigenous kin, or maybe non-Indigenous kin who understand the importance of language revitalization!

Move Over Martha

A woman-run business bringing a little piece of MOM to your space.

Donna-Marie, Chrissy and Caitlin

Move Over Martha started as joke between my mom (Donna-Marie) and myself, while hosting family dinners, setting up for Christmas or decorating our homes. We would always say #moveovermartha when we hit it out of the park. When Chrissy and I started working together we quickly bonded over our love of crafting and making our spaces more functional on a budget! I knew that I had to bring these two together and that the three of us would be Move Over Martha. We created this as an outlet for our creativity and we focus on creating items that make your house feel like a home, we can make your vision come alive with an item Handmade by MOM. And mostly because our homes are chock full of our stuff and our friends/family don’t have room for everything we make for them! We focus on home and personalized goods. We take pride in our wide variety of top-quality, affordable products. We are experienced in finding the perfect items to inspire our customers. Take a look through our catalog and send us a message.

Mystic Mango co.

Female Empowerment Macrame Artist - An Eco-Conscious Business


I am Montréal based creative of Persian/Pakistani descent. My business celebrates female empowerment, spirituality as well as supports green practices. I fell in love with macrame when I was in Tulum and I am self-thought. Each pieces is created with love to help make your house a home✨

Night Moves Atelier

Rad Accessories For Rad Babes!


Amanda is the maker/designer & resident babe-in-chief of Night Moves Atelier. She has always been drawn to the pursuit of self-expression through art and fashion. So, it made perfect sense to start an endeavour that involved both! Hence, Night Moves Atelier was born unto this world. Working with polymer clay has always been in Amanda’s creative wheelhouse and it was the easy choice to make this versatile and colourful medium the focus of her big ass accessories.

Northern Leaf Co

Minimalist accessories and cute baby gear!

Andréanne King

Hi! Thanks so much for checking out my shop. I am so happy to provide cute, minimalist jewelry that worked well with my life as a mom on the go. I also like to design tshirts, bibs and baby items that work for EVERYONE!

Paper Doilies Handmade

One-of-a-kind fibre art for you and your home!

Michelle Rodriguez

Paper Doilies Handmade was born out of curiosity and idle hands. While living in picturesque Vancouver Island, Michelle started her fibre art journey with macrame. When she came upon a weaving loom, she realized she could create more with different fibres and yarn. Inspired by everything life has to offer, Michelle crafts at her Ottawa home, using and experimenting with several fibre art techniques. When not playing with yarn, Michelle spends time with her kids and husband.

Phoebe's Pawlace

Handmade enrichment toys for dogs, cats, small animals and more!

Karine Halpenny

Phoebe’s Pawlace started with the desire for a snuffle mat to use as an enrichment toy for my puppy Phoebe. There were not many options available locally and I’ve always had a crafty side so I decided to make my own! She had so much fun with hers I thought why not make more for friends and family, and the idea to open a small business began! We officially launched in January 2021 and specialize in snuffle mats, snuffle balls and pompom toys in fun colours and patterns. Hide some treats or dry food in the snuffle mats or balls and let your pet sniff them out, or use the pompom for a fun game of fetch or just to shake around! We hope you enjoy your items from Phoebe’s Pawlace, as each piece is lovingly handmade for your furry friends.

Popsquatch Designs

Hand made geeky themed t shirts, some made with bleach and some iron on, but all geektastic

Julie Ewing

Popsquatch Designs is a local small business that consists of me and husband and that’s it (unless you count cats as supervisors). We do everything ourselves out of our home. We want to celebrate fandom and our geeky passions.

Pretty Loft Designs

I love coffee and designing which led me down the path of creating Pretty Loft Designs. My designs are typically quirky, funny, and colorful and often reflect my personality.


I love coffee and designing which led me down the path of creating Pretty Loft Designs. This business has and is an avenue to escape the mundane activities of life and has been my outlet for my mental health. My designs are typically quirky, funny, and colorful and often reflect my personality. Acknowledging my white privilege, I continue to I grow, learn, and develop and the transformation of my designs over the years reflect my growth.

Pride Not Prejudice

This shop is for Fair Merch and a tip jar! The proceeds from any item here will be split towards our two community causes and covering expenses of the show.

Meta Shop

Radical Roots Seed Bomb Company

Radical Roots offers a fun easy to use method of planting native wildflowers.

Kristen Campbell

Radical Roots started with my passion to make conservation easy and accessible to all individuals. Empowering those to take positive action in all green spaces.

Read My Flowers

Gorgeous handmade paper flowers from upcycled books and comics, turned into bouquets, flower arrangements, hair accessories, and more. What stories do your flowers tell?

Helena Verdier

As a reader, writer, and crafter, Read My Flowers is the culmination of all my hobbies! Born from wanting to make my own flowers for my wedding, Read My Flowers has turned into a business where I can make pretty things out of what I love most: books and comic books. I strive for being an inclusive brand where everyone can like flowers. As someone who Hard of Hearing, I have gotten used to being my own advocate for accessibility and inclusion and in turn , I strive for my brand to be inclusive and accessible for all.

Rêverie chocolates

Reverie chocolates: bringing together dreams and passions. Each bar is crafted locally in Ottawa with the finest ethically sourced and sustainably grown Belgian chocolate combined with Canadian ingredients whenever possible.


I am a female pastry chef, trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, making my stamp on a historically male dominated industry.

Ritu Art & Design

Art and soul.

Brittany Deecker

Hey there! I am Brittany Ritu Deecker, of Ritu Art & Design. I’m a neurodivergent multimedia artist born and raised in Ottawa and have recently returned after a 6 year stint in Alberta. My time out west inspired much of my work as I discovered my love of the outdoors while exploring Canada’s beautiful Rocky Mountains. I also find inspiration from classical art, video games and 90’s anime. I love learning new skills and new ways to express myself. Some of my favorite media are gouache, oil pastel and photography. Over the last two years I’ve been studying digital illustration while also recently exploring my love for embroidery. My shop offers a range of high quality art prints, and stickers.

Sasspot Creations

Handmade, sustainable and always sassy!

Alicia Jessup

Sasspot is all about embracing what makes you who you are with an environmentally friendly twist! We use thrifted fabrics to create our goods so we are taking trash and turning it into treasure. We are allies and feminists looking to make our world a better, more inclusive place.

ShirleyBee Designs

ShirleyBee Designs is a custom gift shop that specializes in foil stamped pencils, custom drinkware, and stickers.

Shirley Brule

My name is Shirley and I am the one woman show at ShirleyBee Designs. In my close group of friends, many identify as LGBTQ+. As an avid ally I make it a point to ensure I am raising awareness and supporting youth. Any products sold with an LGBTQ+ theme, or during the Pride not Predjudice fair, a portion is donated to a lovely organization called Rainbow Camp. Check them out at:

TerrAdore Gemstone Art Jewellery

You will be noticed, in your TerrAdore Art Jewellery: Unique designs in silver, copper and hand-cut, ethically sourced gemstones.

Kenna McCall

I spent my former career supporting women and families as a therapist and social worker. Now I support them by creating wearable art that connects them to the earth with hand-cut gemstones and reflects their strength, confidence and beauty with bold original designs.

Tu-Bees Honey

Nikki and Jessie Hein


Tubby Tabby Soaps

Tubby Tabby Soaps is a tiny, (queer) family-owned company that makes small batches of handmade soap in Ottawa, ON. We're passionate about make fun and exciting bath and body products that are also sustainable and eco-friendly.

Eli Eaton and Lia Walsh

he/they (Eli); she/her (Lia)
Eli and Lia are a couple of queers with a magnificently fat tabby cat named Abby. Abby is essentially the love of our lives. In appreciation of her roundness, we sometimes call her Abby the Flabby Tabby, or (you guessed it) the Tubby Tabby. Our company name is an homage to our beautiful and beloved fur baby. Please rest assured that she does not like actual (bath)tubs one bit, and we do not put Abby in our bathtub, ever, under any circumstances. To reward us for our good faith, Abby has agreed not to scratch our eyes out while we sleep. The soaps we make are one-of-a-kind, fun and definitely a little gay. We love colour and you can rest assured that there will be cool designs involved. Currently we specialize in bar soap and shampoo bars, as they’re easiest on the environment. None of our products contain harsh surfactants or detergents that aren’t biodegradable. All of our soaps are made with natural (usually edible) oils that have a simple, naturally-occurring chemical added to make soap: lye. Alone, lye is very caustic and so it needs to be handled carefully. But once you add it to oils in a delicate balance (as we do), the magic of chemistry begins to transform those two ingredients into a mild, cleansing soap. Soap has been made for millennia, and while commercial soaps use all sorts of environmentally-damaging and carcinogenic ingredients to improve the foaming or appearance of the soap, we’re all about keeping it as simple as possible. We make good soap with biodegradable ingredients, and they look cute AF, too. What more could you want? 🙂

Vmay Design

Fun and comfortable handmade fashion. This limited run lingerie collection, featuring upcycled faux fur and stretch lace, invites you to be bold and playful. Whether you wanna show it off or just feel yourself!

Vanessa Mayville

I am a queer female fashion designer with a love for texture and a desire to help people feel fully themselves in the clothes they wear. For the last 5 years I have been creating quality custom garments with a focus on comfort, bold textiles, and playful design. Intimate apparel provides a unique space to explore what makes the wearer feel empowered and confident. For this limited run lingerie collection I have featured garment factory remnants of faux fur and stretch lace, to minimize waste and play with bold material combinations. I am challenging the boundaries of traditional beauty and gender standards and expectations. You can show some love to yourself, someone else, and the environment, in these comfy intimates!

Witch Haus

Magical retail shop in the Ottawa Valley


Witch Haus created after having to pivot my business due to the Pandemic. I love creating and crafting so it was the perfect opportunity to create something new.

Yas Petit Poulet

Yas Petit Poulet creates cute science pride merch all year long <3.

Elyas Salame

It is my first time in this event so I am really excited about it!! I love how long is the event, and also the amazingness of the organizers!! Very very excited!!