A big hand for our vendors and all of their wonderful items!

5th Line Creations

Proud and excited to share my love for crafting, creativity and locally made gifts with the Ottawa maker community.

Stephanie Robinson


5th Line Creations was launched from my love of crafting and inspired by the creative maker community in Ottawa. It is so fun to connect with this community and share what I make through the local craft markets. I love testing and trying new products and continuing to evolve what I make. This is an hobby (read: obsession) with crafting turned opportunity to share my ideas and things that make me smile with others to hopefully spread some more smiles. Currently I’m focused on finding joyful fandom prints and turning them into items that can be used in everyday life.


All natural skincare & Soy candles

Stacey & Kaycee


Our skincare products are crafted and poured by Stacey. Using all natural ingredients and high quality essential oils. My daughter, Kaycee had eczema and severe allergies when she was younger. I began to use Doterra essential oils as a remedy in her skin care products which helped a lot. I’ve been making body butters, scrubs and soaps for years. I just recently started making candles during the pandemic. Natural soy candles are hard to find at a decent price, so I decided to try and make them as a hobby.


Artisan fartisan making nifty pots to use and love in every day life.



I’m Aleatha (she/her): catmom, foodie, appreciator of good leaves, and a life long artist living in Brockville Ontario. I make pots in my home studio. When I signed up for a pottery class in 2018 I immediately fell madly in love with the medium. I love the process and the many stages between wet clay and finished stone. I love that you can touch and interact with a piece of art while you do something that we all do – eat! And I love connecting my pieces to their new homes knowing they’ll be part of bringing smiles and comfort to someone’s every day life.

Apis Lutra

Madeleine Kelly


My name is Madeleine Kelly and I am the creator behind Apis Lutra. All of my items are hand made in my cozy apartment in Ottawa.


We help you take care of your skin with nourishing Shea Butter products

Rissa Sant'anna


I started making soaps and body products more than 20 years ago when I was still leaving in Africa. The formula I used in my soaps are based on vegetable oils and butters that were easily found there. Which explain why the main ingredient in my soaps is Shea Butter. My soaps and body products are very gentle and would not dry your skin.

Artwork By Emilie

Emilie Darlington is a Canadian muralist, painter and illustrator specializing in colourful artwork that expresses and inspires connections with nature.

Emilie Darlington


Most often working with big blooms and vibrant colours, Emilie’s botanical murals can be found brightening spaces throughout Canada. In Emilie’s abstracts she combines organic, free-flowing paint contrasted with detailed pattern added by hand. Emilie’s botanical and abstract series are aimed at creating a targeted sensation for viewers, whether it be by scale, distortion, or immersion. These qualities are intended to evoke a shared experience for viewers, and are tailored for each piece to induce a desired emotional response or mental state. Emilie’s illustrative works have central themes of animals, patterns, and bright colours. The use of vibrant colour communicates a strong, positive energy, and a secondary layer of patterning is added when filling in colour using dots.

Audin Roy Boutique

Handmade fun for your little one!

Rachelle Shaver


We make fun and felt-y play products for children. Using recognizable characters, our goal is to move the children away from the technology and create their own adventures. We believe in all things imagination and make believe!


Taste the Caribbean Lifestyle - with award-winning Chef Resa!

Resa Solomon-St. Lewis


Sharing and fostering a love of Caribbean food and Afro-Caribbean artisan culture is my passion and my business. I feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to immerse myself in my heritage, creating through food and to collaborate with Artisans, Makers and Artists and to connect deeply with the African-Black-Caribbean Community to learn from each other and share our gifts.

Blushing Sage

Prints, stickers, and stationery!

Kendra Dezenosky


Blushing Sage was first started as a means of promoting self confidence and empowerment. The business has grown and evolved but the values remain. I aim to help everyone see the beauty in themselves, regardless of their gender expression, race, or size.

Butch Bombs

All Natural Small Batch Hand-Butched Bath Bombs

Elaina Martin


Butch Bombs are All Natural made in small batches and every bomb is hand butched by myself, a big Butch Dyke! Made with zero chemical additives and with lots of love.

Canoes And Creativity

Rustic wood burned decor. Home of the DIY Burn and Brush craft kit.

Jenn Wright


Wood burning is my Plan B after I had to quit teaching from chronic back pain, due to cancer treatment. I’m proud to say I kicked that cancer to the curb nine years ago. While convalescing, modern pyrography became both my creative outlet and meditative practice. A steady hand requires deep breathing. Tension melts. Not being able to teach elementary school anymore, I fell head over heels for the vibe and camaraderie of artisan markets.

The pandemic has led me to help others develop a creative practice to improve their lives. I mean, I went from bedridden to handmade vendor in two years – surely I could use my story to help others transform. I now offer online art courses and sell DIY Burn and Brush kits. It’s my way of offering a dose of creative self-care at home.

Carrot Top Soap Shop

At Carrot Top Soap Shop our passion is putting some jazz into your hygiene routine. Our bar soap and bath bombs are created with an in house vegan formula made with your skin in mind.

Shannon St. Michael


Hi there! Shannon here from Carrot Top Soap Shop. I’ve been growing with my company since 2016 but I’ve been a bit obsessed with all things coulourful and glorious smelling for my entire life.

Creating cosmetics that are not tested on animals is an important part of who we are. We source quality ingredients free from sulfates, phthalates and parabens that we can feel comfortable using for ourselves, family and sharing with all of you!

Giving back to the community and respecting our community as a whole is important to us. ✌

Chaotic Complexion

Custom Blended & Individually Hand Pressed Multifaceted Eyeshadows. 20+ gorgeous shades. FREE FROM Talc, Parabens, Gluten & Fragrance. Vegan & Cruelty Free. Cosmetics for Humanity.



I am Talia, The quirky, queer, plus sized Queen behind my brand, Chaotic Complexion! I am a professional Makeup Artist that dabbles in Body painting, SFX work and Glamour Makeup! I custom blend & individually hand tamper over 25+ eyeshadow shades that have a wonderful lustre formula that is easy to apply, multi faceted & created exclusively for humankind! I believe that when you tap into your inner chaos, your inner creativity, you unleash this boundless stream of beauty within! Free to BE. Free to LOVE. Free to EXPRESS. That’s Chaotic Complexion!

Chez Louie Designs

Waterproof vinyl stickers & other cheeky little treasures.

Jess Bunbury


Affectionately named after my cat, Louie, I launched Chez Louie Designs in Summer 2020 as both a creative outlet and a way to connect with others. Since then, it has blossomed into a fully realized business where I specialize in creating quirky digital graphics, custom pet artwork, stickers, stationary and more. My illustrations often represent authentic or vulnerable aspects of myself, twisted generally with some kind of humor, in an attempt to connect with other people. Drawing for me is a catharsis, a way to channel my emotions and is influenced by struggles and experiences in my life, including mental health, work-life balance, pet ownership and more. Generally, I aim for candid, cute and swear-y when I pick up my Apple pencil.

Chidima Dezigns

Unique African accents in home décor and fashion accessories

Chidima nakamulilo


Chidima Dezigns is a woman owned business that specializes in home décor and fashion accessories, I have combine my love of African textiles and sewing. I am inspired by my rich African heritage, bold colors and everyday life to create something chic, versatile and timeless.

Craft Studio Creations

The colorful world of felt!



At Craft Studio Creations it’s all about color and brightness and I incorporate felt to showcase this. The best thing about creating is there are no rules or guidelines when you’re following your imagination and I hope that through my work it adds a little pop of whimsy and fun when you come across my creations.

Craftify Mom

Handmade with Mother's love

Madhu and Kanika Arora


We are a Mother-daughter team who love DIY crafts! My mom has been making crochet and knitted items since she was a little girl.
She lost her parents a very young age and over the years she self-learned knitting and crocheting which she says always reminded her of her mom and kept her busy through tough times.
A few months ago when my father passed away very suddenly, I decided that I’m not letting my mother slip into the black hole again and instead, we will rise up from this and do what makes us happy and THIS is what makes us happy – making cute crafts, keeping ourselves busy and seeing my mom financially independent! 🙂
My amazing husband has been our cheerleader throughout!

Thank you for supporting our little venture, we are super grateful! 🙂

Curious Corgi Coffee and Brew Boosters

New Life to Everyday Coffee



Small-batch, artisanal coffee beans and coffee seasonings. Locally owned and operated in Stittsville, ON. Consistently curious and obsessed with quality, we search the globe for flavor inspiration and distinctive new blends from responsibly sourced farmers. Our small-batch process preserves freshness, ensuring a happy brewing experience, every single time.

Distinctive Woodworking

Hand crafted writing instruments created for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Jonathan Crone


With a career in high tech, Distinctive Woodworking was created out of a need for respite from the challenge and stress of technology. Creating beautiful items from wood allows for the tactile experience and joy of the newly crafted object. Distinctive Woodworking also provides a creative opportunity for my family: my autistic son is highly involved in creating my work, my daughters support with social media and support at events. My wife helps keep us all organized and provides feedback on every created item. Whether its custom furniture, a beautiful fountain pen, a seam ripper to facilitate the fabric artisan, a mechanical pencil for a delicate sketch


Unique handmade and painted jewelry



Hello friends! My name is Marina and I am a 21-year-old Queer Canadian-Latina artist from Ottawa currently studying in Montreal. I make jewelry and create various artworks for my eco-conscious art business which I run on Instagram (@dragonina.artist). In my art you will find contrasting vibrant colours, surrealistic portraitures, and abstract styles that capture a dream-like feel. I find myself greatly inspired by themes of loneliness and introversion, my latin culture and nature. As an environmentalist, I also like exploring themes of oceans & marine-life, pollution & sustainability, and humans & animals.

I have been making jewelry since I was 11-years-old. Over the past four years, I have been exploring, experimenting, and mastering my hand-painted wood technique for my jewelry. I carefully paint wooden plaques with original detailed designs before coating them in resin for a strong, durable and glossy finish. You can find more examples of my work using this specific technique on Instagram account, @dragonina.artist.

I do what I can to reduce my business’ ecological footprint. I carefully package all my products using reused, recyclable, and/ or compostable materials. I always try to obtain my materials from local shops and repurposed items, and finally, my jewelry business encourages slow fashion by recreating items on-demand.

Dutch Bike Printing Co

Jenn van der Schee


Dutch Bike Printing Co began when I received a throw pillow with a bike on it!
I’m an avid cyclist, and am inspired by the form and function of the simple bicycle and my prints range from the whimsical (hello elephants and cats on bikes), to the highly technical and anatomically correct road and mountain machines. My prints appeal to both serious cyclists and those who appreciate the whimsical form. I also take inspiration from the wild world around us, and my outdoorsy tees feature prints of typical Canadian fauna, from maple leaves to pine forests.
As a woman on wheels, I am in the minority on the trails, but the riding community is growing by leaps and bounds, and is becoming more inclusive for all folks.

Dyke Series of Books

Memoirs of a Butch Dyke

Elaina Martin


I have been an out Butch Dyke for over 30 years. I’ve remained an independent artist while i navigated the world around me, and most recently i’ve written and published two memoirs about my experiences. “Dyke, a memoir” and “Dyke II, The Decadent ’90s,” the first two books in the three-book Dyke Series. Both books delve deeply into my very colourful life as a musician, touring artist, event producer, entrepreneur and business woman and focus on the joys of friendship, love and making music. Content warning – Includes stories of sexual abuse, rape, addiction, and a difficult abortion.a

Ebb & Flow Paint Creations

Fluid acrylic abstract paintings inspired by the ebb and flow of life and nature

Samantha Sprague


I have always used art as my own personal therapy, as a way to deal with my emotions, beliefs, love of the ocean and sexuality. It wasn’t until I started experimenting with fluid art painting that I truly felt like I found a way to create an accurate portrayal of those emotions. Acrylic painting is messy, unpredictable and exciting to look at, all things I relate to on a deep level. Art is in the eye of the beholder and I hope that if even for a moment my art can stir up a feeling in the one beholding it.

ÉCORCES & dentelles

Stéphanie Houle


I learned to sew watching my mother create and mend projects. She would sit in front of her Singer for hours and I would sit on her bed, looking over her shoulder. To this day, I strive to achieve her level of precision and patience.

ÉCORCES & dentelles is an homage to my French-Canadian roots and to both facets of my personality. Both naughty and nice, tough and delicate.

I love colors, patterns and silliness. I want to make people smile, and maybe shock them a little! I include at least one handmade item in my look every day. My passions are fashion & style, sewing, mending, crafting, creating!

Emma Gerard Glass Jewellery

Bright and colourful handmade glass necklaces and earrings

Emma Gerard


I bring 16 years of experience working with glass that includes an advanced diploma from Sheridan College’s Crafts & Design program, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from NSCAD University where I studied metalsmithing. All of my jewellery is completely hand-sculpted and handmade by me. I start with coloured rods of glass that are the thickness of a pencil and melt them at a small oxygen-propane torch using heat, gravity and a few of my favourite metal sculpting tools to sculpt the glass into the desired shape without the use of molds. It is important to me that everything I make is truly handmade as this is not only more fun for me as a artist, but it means that every piece I make for my customers is unique and one of a kind. Creating my jewellery pieces in this way makes sculpture and fine craft more accessible to the average person and also loved by my loyal following.

Ephemera Bespoke Handcrafts & Atelier

The cutest pet accessories, handmade with love to highlight your pup's individual style.

Patrice Stanley


All my products are lovingly made by hand, using premium fabrics and materials, quality hardware, handstitched to perfection, and carefully packaged with love and gratitude. I take great pride in my one of a kind designs and am always excited when I can take special orders for bespoke products, including vests, coats, rain jackets, etc.

Flourish Stonewear

Modern Porcelain & Ceramic Jewellery

Larra Milliken Dawn Carriere


Owners of Flourish Stonewear, Larra and Dawn, have been long-time friends and combined their creativity to make a splash in the world of statement jewellery. In Larra’s home studio in Ottawa, ON, they handcraft modern, ceramic and porcelain jewellery that is fresh and lightweight.

Each piece of jewellery created by Flourish Stonewear takes approximately 25 hours to create, turning the works of art into jewellery. They use high quality materials like porcelain, speckled clay, a variety of glaze colours and 22k gold lustre and some seriously fun attachments to make your pieces truly one of a kind.

Larra and Dawn are believers in community kindness, with a special focus on Autism advocacy, and love to give back to their community at every chance provided to them.

Frisky Misky's Feline Euphorium

Unique toys & accessories for cats, art for cat lovers!



Frisky Misky’s is a woman-led business that seeks to spread creative-thinking and cat love. I do practice sustainability in my materials choice mainly through use of recycled fabrics and herbs that are certified organic and grown in North America. I practice open-minded kindness in my interactions with customers and community. Frisky Misky’s regularly donates product and prize packs to local animal rescue fundraising efforts even if not announced on social media. I always try to use my online presence to spread joy and educate if possible. My products are not particular subversive or political (exception for former POTUS Cheeto) but my art products do appeal to fandom culture which itself can be a community builder, I am a cheerleader for community over competition, and will always support the makers who are more bold and expressive than I when it comes to activism, inclusiveness, and intersectionality.

Frog Oreon & Dad

Make Jewellery & Art! Artisanal, Queer, and Chaotic <3

Oreon & Dad

She/They and He/Him respectively

This is a queer, latinx led ‘organization’ of two! Enby daughter + father working together to promote our art and try to avoid student loans as much as possible, until I become a professional or we dismantle capitalism!!!! Hopefully both. Moreover, my dad’s struggled to find a job in his field of study because of a language barrier, and jobs that require physical labour are not ideal for him, as he has chronic back pain, (and is also the stay-at-home parent in my family). We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy making it

Fuckin Delicious

Jams, Pickles & Preserves. They're fuckin' delicious if we do say so ourselves!

Sam & Summer


Hello, Our names are Sam and Summer, we are sisters who love to make people laugh. We created Fuckin’ Delicious to merge our sense of humour with our love of delicious things. We don’t censor ourselves even when people ask us to. We are unapologetically us just like our brand is & we don’t plan to ever change.

Gold Dust Doula

Fertility + Wellness Support Jewellery Made By A Doula

Amy Finn


Gold Dust Doula exists to bring people everyday jewellery inspired by life transitions and reproductive wellness.

Haicos Hot Sauce

Mild to wild hot sauce made with peppers grown in Barrhaven and Kemptville!



A hobby of growing a few peppers and making a few hot sauces turned into full time (and more) business! And we love it!! We grew over 2000 pepper plants in 2021 with more planned for the future. We are Taking over the world with hot sauce!!

Haxby Designs

Handmade clay and resin jewelry pieces

Lauren Paulson


Haxby Designs was started during the global pandemic as a way for me to focus my thoughts on something other than the ongoing craziness around the world. As a hospital healthcare worker, I needed something other than the pandemic to think about. Concentrating on jewelry-making gave me a sense of purpose and motivation that I was unable to find anywhere else. Jewelry-making has become my creative outlet and my own form of self-care in the past year and a half.


Plant-based & Organic Skin Care Products in Eco-Packagings.

Tiziri Ait Ali


Following my degree in plant biology in 2012, I developed a deep passion for plants and alternative medicine. I started studying herbalism 4 years ago, and through Herbalera, I express my knowledge and experience by crafting all-natural skin care products with heart and consciousness.
Herbalera creates quality plant-based products careful to the skin and to the planet in order to encourage our customers to adopt a healthy and zero waste lifestyle.

Historical Links

Armour to help you take on the world!

Lara Videau


My name is Lara, I’m queer and I run Historical Links. I handcraft unique pieces of jewelry using stunning patterns, including some that have been around for centuries. Each ring is individually opened, closed and linked to create these stunning patterns. My love of fantasy and the medieval period was the initial reason I got into jewelry, but I was also driven by the need I saw around me for jewelry for sensitive skin, which is why I make pieces in a wide variety of metals. I also provide different sizes and prices points so that everyone can enjoy my work. I recently returned to selling my pieces after a break in 2018 due to being diagnosed with a chronic illness which causes varying degrees of disability.

I Like Chocolate

Where are You Getting Your Handmade Chocolate Bar

I Like Chocolate


Welcome to ‘I Like Chocolate’. Where I make handmade Chocolate Bars and Treats. Starting with Fine Belgian Chocolate and adding all kinds of ‘Local’ and Exotic ingredients. Whether for a gift or Yourself these treats are designed for giving pleasure.

I Love My Blanket

Handmade finger-knits made with vegan yarn

Reena Belford


Almost 2 years ago, while looking for a craft option that would suit my physical disabilities, I came across chenille loop yarn, a large-gauge specialty yarn with pre-formed loops. I ended up enjoying it so much, that I was inspired to write new and original patterns for loop yarn, for both myself and other knitters around the world (with more than 100 different patterns in my portfolio and greater than 1500 individual patterns sold worldwide so far). Knitting and pattern-writing has allowed me to find my creative niche as well provide me with a consistent income as a queer disabled artist. Thank you for your support!

If: Ball‚ Then: Catch

A beautifully illustrated book to get kids excited about robotics and coding!

Katherine Schoepp


Katherine is a female engineer who would like to encourage young children to get interested in the STEAM field (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). After many years of volunteering with children, she wrote “If: Ball, Then: Catch” to make robotics and coding seem more exciting and approachable! John (the illustrator) is a retired engineer and grandfather with a knack for water colour and cartooning. Both Katherine and John are based in Ottawa, Ontario.

“If: Ball, Then: Catch” follows the story of a girl who is given a robot dog on her 8th birthday. If she can train this robot dog, then she will prove to her parents that she can handle a real live dog. How hard could it be? Follow along with Dot as she is introduced to some of the logic, reasoning, and structure used to program robots – as well as the importance of curiosity and never giving up! Will Dot be able to prove she is ready for a real live puppy?

Ifs‚ Ands‚ or Buttons

Buttons, magnets, and other little things with unapologetic passion.

Kaitlynne-Rae Landry


I’m a proud queer, feminist maker. The reason I started making buttons is the same reason I continue to make them: I love their ability to communicate, to unite, and to spread awareness, discussion, and progress. I love that this small medium can express so much with the wearer not saying a word. My designs are inspired by things that I am passionate about: activism, animals, plants, mental health, and, of course, cute things. My goal is to spread joy, awareness, community, and understanding while raising money for local causes. I work to make my activism and designs intersectional, and am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and awareness – while recognizant of my privilege as a white, cis woman.

Jackalope Crafts

Where the magical and creative meet

Sam Daviau



Welcome to Jackalope Crafts!

My name is Sam (she/her) and I am 28 years old and I would like to acknowledge that I am living in Ottawa which is on the unceded, unsurrendered Territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation. I’m a Taurus, I’m obsessed with bunnies, the moon, glitter, smashing the patriarchy and Taylor Swift. I am primarily a resin and embroidery artist but I am also a songwriter, singer and producer.

So here’s the sitch. My journey has had a lot of ups and downs and as I’m sure many can relate, there have been days where I didn’t know if I was going to make it. But I did and a constant source of growth, therapy and self care has always been creativity and self expression. I truly wouldn’t know where I would be without my ability to create things.

As a backstory, I suffer from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and CPTSD, chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia and endometriosis, and have lived through years of domestic violence and childhood traumas. I want you to know, that if you have ever felt any of those—I am with you, you are valid, you are not alone and I am here. Those times were intense but those roads brought me here and made me the person I am. I don’t know where I’ll be going next but what I do know is that I’ll go down that path stronger, a bit wiser and probably covered in glitter haha.

With that being said, I started Jackalope Crafts not only as a way to set my own schedule and do things at my own pace, but to be able to use my privilege and allyship in society as a straight white female in the best way I can. I want to speak up for the voiceless and help those speaking say it louder. I want this to be a space where everyone feels welcomed, heard and appreciated. I, along with my business, support the Black Lives Matter & Trans Lives Matter movements, BIPOC & 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, Indigenous Reconciliation, Mental Health & Domestic Abuse Awareness, Women’s Rights & Pro Choice Initiatives, Disability Advocacy, Environmental & Animal Activism and pretty much any other basic right that people/this world deserve.

That is why with every purchase, I will be donating 10% of the listing price to a cause, or initiative in need. I feel like part of my journey on this earth is to help others and this is one way I can do that.

Finally, even though I run everything myself, my doggo Bane gives his seal of approval on every item I make and package with a good ol’ nose boop or sniff snoff. So also tell your fur baby we say hi 💕

Hope to see you around the fluffle soon!

– With love and bunny binkies, Sam

P.S: *A Fluffle is a group of bunnies & binkies are bunny equivalent to doggo zoomies. Google it.*

JR Print Shop

screen printed gifts to give or to keep

Josée-Renée Erskine


JR’s print shop is queer/neurodivergent/woman owned. I love finding the simplest things in life to make me smile. This inspires my art to be cute and simple, giving the quotes all the space it needs to deliver all the sass & punny goodness.

Kanata Soup

Curated local and Canadian produce, veteran run. Artisanal Soup's on!

Laura Capener


We are a veteran run small business that hand makes artisan dried soup mixes and desserts using bespoke recipes and curated local (that we dehydrate ourselves) and Canadian produce. We actually fit a lot of the labels that PNP supports and represents, but we are not fans of labels themselves. We are all human first. We support a lot of socially forward businesses and animal rescues. We make our mixes in a commercial kitchen and are licensed and inspected by the City of Ottawa Health Department (feel free to ask KRae how anal I am about food safety.. lol).

Klutz Mega Korp

Gracie Klutz


Small batch accessories maker with a quirky twist. Colourful, creative and cute – Gracie sews each piece with a hint of pizazz. It’s all about colour, uniqueness, nerve and textiles. Skip the ponytail and think yourself as a gift and put a bow on it!

Kristin Fardy Artist

Original paintings, prints, cards, and stickers. Queer AF.

Kristin Fardy


Kristin Fardy paints from her home studio in Ottawa, Canada, and is inspired by nature, human faces, and explorations of identity. She paints in a variety of styles, all of which seem to wreak havoc on her paintbrushes.

Kristin is an emerging artist who, after dabbling sporadically in other media over the years, currently paints in acrylics on wood panels. Her paintings draw from her own experiences, including places visited, trees spotted on local hikes, and people who have made an impression on her, as well as the occasional image found while scrolling the internet that catches Kristin’s fancy and calls out to her to paint it.

Kristin is a queer, genderqueer woman whose work is inevitably informed by this experience (the evidence of which is more apparent in some works than others).

She supports local independent art supply shops when purchasing her materials and replacing her battered brushes.

Lady Arkenstone

Awaken & explore your magical gifts with spell jars, candles and D.I.Y sets with a socially conscious twist

Aida or Lady Arkenstone


Hi, I am Lady Arkenstone, Vintage Witch. I craft hand made unique spell jars and candles for decor curio and magic exploration. All spells are designed with social justice and radical self love in mind, with the intent to make everyday easier and a little more whimsical. I include a free gift with each purchase.

Little Queer Feminist

Pins and pieces that support the community

Gillian Isabel


Gillian Isabel is a young queer individual who creates jewelry and pins to raise funds for folks in need. They are passionate about community and youth empowerment, and are currently on a break from social media due to health reasons. Gillian draws from her own experiences of mental illness, homophobia and misogyny to create items that are personal and meaningful. Over the last year and a half, over $3000 was donated and redistributed to community groups and members in need.

It is Gillian’s third time partaking in Pride Not Prejudice, and they are excited to introduce many new items, including some French pins. As someone who speaks, works and studies in French, they were looking for social justice related pins in French and noticed the lack, and are looking forward to creating more.

Lucky Little Queer

Lucky Little Queer creates art prints, accessories and apparel that are bright and flowery with a hard edge. LLQ’s products are for babes who have something to say and want to show the world who they are.

KJ Forman


My name is KJ (they/them) and I am the artist behind Lucky Little Queer. I create all my art and products in my cozy home studio in Ottawa, ON, Canada. I proudly identify as non-binary, bisexual and a survivor of violence. I live with my lovely partner and our two kitties where we’re building a wonderful little life together.

I am the owner, creator and designer of LLQ. I like to describe my artistic style as bright and flowery with a hard edge. Ever since I can remember, I’ve used art as a way to cope, heal, and express myself and my identities. My work typically features floral drawings combined with darker imagery like skulls and swords, showcasing feminist and 2SLGBTQ+ mantras. My products are for babes who have something to say and want to show the world who they are.

I often get asked why I named my brand ‘Lucky Little Queer’. The short answer is that I honestly feel like the luckiest little queer around – I get to do what I love for a living and I’m surrounded by people who love me for who I am! The longer answer is this – I think the narrative surrounding LGBTQ lives is one of our struggle, our pain and our trauma. While this is absolutely something we experience (especially those of us with intersecting marginalized identities), I believe that it’s so important to highlight the fact that we can, and do, lead beautiful, fulfilling, wonderful lives. I feel incredibly lucky to be exactly who I am, and I think that’s worth celebrating.

macrAmé Ottawa

local handmade sustainable

Amélie Cardinal


My name is Amélie, Amé for short. Social worker by day and crafty gal by night. I`ve found that creating macramé has allowed me to stay in the present moment and has managed to relax my (often) racing mind.

During these difficult times of isolation, it is especially important to focus on the positive and do the things we love, right?

My intention behind creating macrAmé Ottawa is to share my passion for macramé with the Ottawa community, to spread creativity and wellbeing, one knot at a time.

My macrame is all handmade with love, created from Canadian 100% recycled cotton cord and natural materials such as driftwood, walnut live edge, brass metals and ceramic beads.

Please follow and share my instagram page @macr_ame_ottawa for fiber in knots and real conversations about mental health and well being.

Stay well xx


Main Street Knits

One of a kind knitwear, by me, for you.

Emma Baker


At Main Street Knits I strive to make high end knitwear for my customers. I use all natural, hand dyed and sustainable materials. My yarn is dyed by a company from South America whose ideals align with my own. They have a closed waste water system to minimize dye run off, they own their own flocks which are managed by local shepherds and they hire local Indigenous women to do their dyeing in a safe and well paid environment. Then once the yarn arrives in my hands I knit everything here in Ottawa by hand. My prices may seen high but I charge for all my labour to make sure that I am fairly paid. My goal is to make sure my business is as sustainable and fair to the planet as possible. All my designs are gender neutral and available in a range of colours so that everyone can find something to love. The colours available at this show are somewhat limited but there is a huge range of colours available on my website ( I also offer custom sizing there as well for those who need a different fit or size.

Maple Mills Macrame

Unique macrame decor for any space in your home.

Shelby Featherston


I started Maple Mills Macrame this year after picking up macrame as a hobby. I work with rope made from recycled cotton, and any wooden beads included in my pieces are hand made by my grandfather. On top of the products I normally offer, I love to work with customers to create custom works that are the perfect complement to their homes.

Meadowlark Toy Company

A Modern Toy Company For Modern Families

Jennifer Rondeau


Meadowlark is family-owned by a sister/brother team of toy makers who are passionate about toy design. Meadowlark’s wooden toys are fully insured, made using 100% non-toxic materials, compliant with Canadian safety standards, and ideal for professional use by speech therapists, play therapists, and early childhood educators. Most importantly their toys are FUN!

Meadowlark is a company that also cares about the community: their monthly subscription box features their toys alongside products from other makers, and through these subscription sales makes quarterly donations to local charities.


I do several crafts, sewing, quilting, printing, knitting and crocheting to name a few. I also do custom coffee cups, wine and beer glasses, facemasks, and tshirts.



I am a local Ottawa crafter and have been creating things ever since I could walk, hence the variety of items offered to customers. For example, I knit, crochet, sew, quilt, and have also made jewellery. Over the years my submissions have won a lot of prizes at our local summer fair, often getting a first or second place ribbon, so I am pleased to share my creations. I do a lot of custom print work on wine and beer glasses, towels, facemasks, and tshirts. My motto has always been “a day without crafting is like a day without sunshine”. More recently I have been selling my work and directing all profits to local charities I support. It is my way of paying it forward while creating beautiful things.

Munching Monster Chewlery

Fidgets, Chews and Learning Tools



We specialize in neurodiverse tools for all humans. We hope to normalize the need for fidgets and to make them available to everyone.

Night Moves Atelier

Rad Accessories For Rad Babes!



Amanda is the maker/designer & resident babe-in-chief of Night Moves Atelier. She has always been drawn to the pursuit of self-expression through art and fashion. So, it made perfect sense to start an endeavour that involved both! Hence, Night Moves Atelier was born unto this world. Working with polymer clay has always been in Amanda’s creative wheelhouse and it was the easy choice to make this versatile and colourful medium the focus of her big ass accessories.

Northern Leaf Co

Northern Leaf Co. is a line of minimalist accesssories.

Andréanne King


Northern Leaf Co. was created out of my necessity to find jewelry that I could wear as a new mom and that wouldn’t be ‘dangling’ for the babies to grab. I wanted to wear items that I considered trendy (I hope you will too!) and that could dress-up my outfits. I get a lot of satisfaction out of making and designing my own products and having them appreciated by others!

Peculiar Petz

Be bold. Be colouful. Be you.



I started peculiar petz as a way to let my weird inner child be brought forward. As a plus size girl I always did what I could to hide myself. Wearing mostly black and staying quiet, kept me under the radar for bullying. As I grew older I learned to just stop caring about how people saw me. That being the big girl wasn’t a horrible thing to hide from. I wanted to create a brand that it colourful and fun so that everyone can bring out their silly inner child.

People Department

We’re a small-scale literary magazine, publishing new short fiction and poetry once a season both digitally and in print.

Lisa Litwack


People Department is a new literary magazine with an overarching theme of “no bummers.” While some work might touch on difficult subjects, we want to provide an optimistic, funny, or otherwise lighthearted read in a time when so much media feels too heavy to take in.

The magazine is queer-created and run (by a team of one and a half, give or take), and we prioritize publishing LGBTQ+ and/or BIPOC writers. We want to promote great work by people from under-represented groups in the writing world.

Phoebe's Pawlace

Karine Halpenny


Phoebe’s Pawlace started with the desire for a snuffle mat for my puppy Phoebe. There were not many options available locally and I’ve always had a crafty side so I decided to make my own! Since then I’ve developed a love for making items in fun colour and pattern combinations that suit your pet’s personality, your home décor, or both!

Pink Banana Sparkles

Adding more colour, glitter and whimsy into the world, one ornament at a time.

Shannon Ariel


Welcome to Pink Banana Sparkles! A place where I like to create things to make others smile. I’m openly queer, pansexual, polyamorous, neurodivergent, and a single parent. I’ve spent much of my adult life as a sex worker, and I’m on a constant quest for body positivity, for both me, and those around me. I also just like really cute and sparkly things. I started this company because I adore making things that bring others joy. Whether it’s a charming cow holiday ornament, or a handsculpted lifelike genital within a baroque style frame to place on their fridge. Every single piece I create, is a part of me. They all mean so much to me, and watching each and every piece come to life is an absolute joy. Knowing that I’ve brought a smile to someone else’s face is one of the best feelings I could ask for.

Popsquatch Designs

Pretty Loft Designs

Quirky Colourful Drinkware



Pretty Loft Designs is a home based business dedicated to the creating funny, quirky creations. Items include but nothing limited to mugs, travel mugs, wine tumblers and more. Acknowledging my white privilege, I love the community that PNP has developed and love the safe and nonjudgemental environment it provides for personal growth as I navigate to become a better person for myself, family and my community.

Pride Not Prejudice

This shop is for Fair Merch and a tip jar! The proceeds from any item here will be split towards our two community causes and covering expenses of the show.

Meta Shop


Hand-pressed linocut prints

Noah Reinoso


Hi, I’m Noah, the person behind ReinPress! I started printmaking for fun in late 2019 and haven’t looked back since. I’m a mixed latinx artist working out of my apartment on Algonquin territory, colonially known as Ottawa. I’m heavily influenced by my queer, transgender life experience as well as my love for nature. I make linocut prints of my own designs, as well doing custom commission work for prints and stamps. Commission inquiries can be made through my instagram profile after the market. Thank you for taking the time to check out my work, it means the world!

Resistance Jewelry

Hand-stamped jewelry and gifts

Alison Danson


Resistance Jewelry is a Black-owned business dedicated to family, feminism, and equality. Everything we do is centered around human rights, and a portion of the proceeds from all sales are donated to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Royal Serenities

Baby Gift Boxes and more



Black owned business with a passion for family and helping others celebrate the new little ones in their lives.

Rustling Pine

Anishinabe Indigiqueer beader creating pieces for all gender expressions and identities.

Kole Peplinskie


Annii, and welcome to my page! I am Kole (they/them), an Anishinabe Indigiqueer artist and beader with familial ties to Migizi Odenaw (Eagle Village) First Nation. I came to beading in 2017 after the passing of my nana – I inherited her beading supplies and it was through the slow, meditative work of beading that I was able to move through that difficult time in my life. Not only did beading give me an outlet to process and express my emotions, but it offered me another way to connect with my Indigeneity and community. Rustling Pine was born out of the desire to share that medicine with others. Whether you’re Indigenous or not, beadwork can be worn by everyone and I am of the belief that my pieces end up to those who they need to be with.

As a queer and trans/2spirit/Indigiqueer, I am always looking for ways to challenge and push back against the colonial gender binary. One of the ways I do so is through my larger-scale gallery pieces and through my smaller capsule beadwork collections. (You can keep up to date on both over at my insta @rustlingpine). In this collection, you will find versatile pieces that can be worn regardless of gender identity or expression. I had a lot of fun working on these pieces and I hope that they bring you as much joy/peace/energy wearing them as they brought me while making them!!

Ruth Marie

Beautiful, colourful artwork and heartfelt textiles made with care.



My art explores the bonds between humanity and nature, particularly through my personal view of the world as a fat, biracial Black and disabled person.

Sasspot Creations

Handmade, sustainable and always sassy!



Sasspot is all about embracing what makes you who you are with an environmentally friendly twist! We use thrifted fabrics to create our goods so we are taking trash and turning it into treasure. We are allies and feminists looking to make our world a better, more inclusive place.

ShirleyBee Designs

A one-stop gift shop for your custom design needs!

Shirley Brule


ShirleyBee Designs was started out of a love of creating and bringing a smile to others’ faces. Throughout my journey, I have made it part of my mission to be an open and inclusive business. Personally, each year since sometime in university, I started donating to Rainbow Camp, Now, having a business platform, I have created products with the intention of raising funds for this great organization. As part of my business’ mission to be open and inclusive, any product identified as an LGBTQ+ theme or identified by the customer as being LGBTQ+ friendly, has up to 50% of the purchase go towards Rainbow Camp. In 2020, we raised over $20, this year I aim to raise $50.

A little bit about me: I am a young woman and primary school teacher. I enjoy the outdoors and hiking, as well as watching a good amount of Netflix. In my spare time I like to craft and nap (unfortunately, not at the same time).

Thanks for stopping by!

Silver Birch Springs

sustainable soy wax candles

Shannon Featherston


Silver Birch Springs is a one-women show run by Shannon Featherston. Shannon makes her candles out of her own kitchen and even designs some of her own candle molds (the frog and the snail are her creations). Shannon started her business out of a desire to make candles that were sustainable and accessible; this is achieved through low pricing and the materials being used. Shannon also uses wax and essential oils from Canadian companies to make her candles.

Soft But Sturdy

Indigenous Handwoven Beaded Jewelry & Accessories for Everyone

Kaytlyn Nadjiwon


Soft But Sturdy is a one woman show: Kaytlyn Nadjiwon (she/her) is a queer Italian, French Canadian, and Ojibwe artist with family ties to the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation. She was born, raised, and lives in Odawa (Ottawa). Kaytlyn combines traditional beadwork with today’s fashion trends by releasing capsule collections reflecting interesting and fun themes of modern fashion while incorporating sustainable traditional materials (traditionally harvested moose & deer hide), and sustainable recycled materials (leather scraps from other makers), high quality metals, and of course, stunning glass beads!

TerrAdore Art Jewellery

Be bold, confident and original with unique jewellery designs, thoughtfully created with hand-cut gemstones, by TerrAdore Art Jewellery. TerrAdore is a slow fashion brand with a conscience.

Kenna McCall


My name is Kenna McCall. I am a Lapidarist (stone cutter), Metalsmith and owner of TerrAdore Art Jewellery, located outside Ottawa.

I design art jewellery with gemstones that I cut myself. I am part of the “slow fashion” movement where the focus is on small-scale, community-based designers/makers that incorporate ethical and environmental principles in their practice. TerrAdore is a socially conscious brand that intentionally makes jewellery that is accessible and inclusive.

TerrAdore means “love the earth” and art jewellery focuses on design and originality as opposed to trends and mass production. My goal is to create art jewellery that reflects the strength, confidence and originality of the person wearing it, regardless of how they identify. The jewellery makes a statement that communicates the wearer is proud of who they are, enough to attract attention and invite interaction, and the jewellery serves as a conversation starter point. Each design is one-of-a-kind and highlights the unique features of the gemstone. My designs are my own and some are inspired by Viking and Celtic cultures which are my heritage.

As a Lapidarist (gem cutter), I specialize in local, Canadian and rare gemstones of exceptional value and quality. I dig/collect them myself or ethically source “rough” slabs from prospectors who I know and trust to be respectful of the land, locals and the environment. I take extra care to use only “safe” metals that do not contain toxic materials or cause reactions. For this reason, I do not use materials from unregulated countries. I make ear-wires in Sterling Silver, gold-filled (thicker outer layer of gold than plated) or Niobium to reduce the chances of irritation or allergic reaction. I use only non-toxic materials to obtain artistic effects and dispose of all waste following environmentally responsible practices.
I do a lot of public awareness through my website and social media on issues of ethics, safety and the environment associated with jewellery. I am a member of an international organization that focuses on and raises awareness on ethical issues in the jewellery making industry.

I use hand-tools and traditional techniques to create designs in copper, silver and pewter. I also make necklace chains and bracelets with Viking Knit, an ancient metal weaving skill developed by the Vikings to make armour, jewellery, etc.

I work from my studio which is half gallery half workshop. Visitors are welcome to come and browse the gems and jewellery, take a workshop, watch a demonstration or just have a chat. My work is also available at several established galleries and shops in Eastern Ontario. Recently my jewellery was featured in the international art fashion magazine Tearsheet PDX

I have been an active community volunteer and activist on various social issues for a very long time, some of which I have personal experience with. These include services for people who are experiencing: HIV/AIDS; homelessness; mental illness; family abuse; poverty; disabilities; and racialized discrimination. I am currently on the Boards of Directors of several community-based organizations and artist guilds

The F Wrap

F-ing Comfortable Cloth Pads

Karen Stoyles


I’m Karen and I am the creator of The F Wrap cloth pads. I am also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who is passionate about living a natural, healthy lifestyle.

In the spring of 2015, I introduced my cloth pads at a local market and most of the people I talked to either never heard of cloth pads, or they loved them! There was not much in between. I knew right away I needed to be an advocate for cloth pads. People need to know they exist! It is hard for some to get past the idea of reusing something that holds blood and/or urine. But, trust me when I say this. They come clean in the wash. Every. Time.

Theirs and Theirs

Handcrafted leather apparel and accessories, truly genderless and quality to last for years

Aly & Minette

They/them & they/them

Theirs & Theirs started as a pastime during the first lockdown. Nonbinary duo Aly & Minette began handcrafting genderless apparel and accessories for themselves. They’ve run out of closet space but not creative energy, so they’ve begun sharing their pieces with the world. Check out @theirs.n.theirs on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest leathers, fabrics and designs!

Tuby Tabby Soaps

Tubby Tabby Soaps is a tiny, (queer) family-owned company that makes small batches of handmade soap in Ottawa, ON. We're passionate about make fun and exciting bath and body products that are also sustainable and eco-friendly.

Eli Eaton and Lia Walsh

he/they (Eli); she/her (Lia)

Eli and Lia are a couple of queers with a magnificently fat tabby cat named Abby. Abby is essentially the love of our lives. In appreciation of her roundness, we sometimes call her Abby the Flabby Tabby, or (you guessed it) the Tubby Tabby. Our company name is an homage to our beautiful and beloved fur baby. Please rest assured that she does not like actual (bath)tubs one bit, and we do not put Abby in our bathtub, ever, under any circumstances. To reward us for our good faith, Abby has agreed not to scratch our eyes out while we sleep.

The soaps we make are one-of-a-kind, fun and definitely a little gay. We love colour and you can rest assured that there will be cool designs involved. Currently we specialize in bar soap and shampoo bars, as they’re easiest on the environment.

None of our products contain harsh surfactants or detergents that aren’t biodegradable. All of our soaps are made with natural (usually edible) oils that have a simple, naturally-occurring chemical added to make soap: lye. Alone, lye is very caustic and so it needs to be handled carefully. But once you add it to oils in a delicate balance (as we do), the magic of chemistry begins to transform those two ingredients into a mild, cleansing soap. Soap has been made for millennia, and while commercial soaps use all sorts of environmentally-damaging and carcinogenic ingredients to improve the foaming or appearance of the soap, we’re all about keeping it as simple as possible. We make good soap with biodegradable ingredients, and they look cute AF, too. What more could you want? 🙂

Vmay Designs

Fun and comfortable handmade fashion. This limited run lingerie collection, featuring upcycled faux fur, invites you to be bold and playful. Whether you wanna share, show it off, or just feel yourself!

Vanessa Mayville


I am a queer female fashion designer with a love for texture and a desire to help people feel fully themselves in the clothes they wear. For the last 5 years I have been creating quality custom garments with a focus on comfort, bold textiles, and playful design.

Intimate apparel provides a unique space to explore what makes the wearer feel empowered and confident. For this limited run lingerie collection I have challenged myself to use garment factory remnants of faux fur, greatly minimizing waste and playing with bold material combinations. I am interrogating the boundaries of traditional beauty standards and expectations. You can show some love to yourself, someone else, and the environment, in these comfy intimates! The upcycled faux fur invites the wearer to feel themselves while they’re feelin’ themselves.

Witch Haus

Magical retail shop in the Ottawa Valley



Witch Haus created after having to pivot my business due to the Pandemic. I love creating and crafting so it was the perfect opportunity to create something new.

Liz Jacques


Hi, I’m Liz!
I’m the owner and main maker for Wood Chip Décor. I love playing with bright colors and designing patterns from inspiration I find. But I also love things that serve a purpose and are beautiful at the same time. So that’s how I design a lot of the items you see here.

Everything is made in my log cabin shop just outside of Merrickville ON, where you usually find me covered in dust and playing with power tools. I do pretty much everything but my husband Dan helps out behind the scenes with things like prepping boards on the drum sander.

This summer we’ll be welcoming our little girl and I can’t wait to show her the shop and get her making too.