Vendor Information 2020

Hi there!

This page will lay out as much information as possible about being a vendor in the Pride Not Prejudice Market.


This is a 4 day digital market with consolidated shipping.

It will run Thursday, November 5th from 5pm to Sunday, November 8th at 5pm.

The market will feature 39 vendors. Shoppers can view listings in three ways. First, they can browse the entire collection of listings as a communal market place. Second, they can browse by category of item. Third, they can choose specific makers/vendors from a list and see the items from that maker.

What is consolidated shipping?

Consolidated shipping is what makes this market different from most online markets. It is also one of the reasons this event is limited to 4 days.

In short, shoppers will be able to add items from all makers to their cart and check out in one transaction – and only pay one (flat-rate) shipping fee. The items will then be collected in the week following the sale, sorted into orders, and shipped out in one package per order.

This saves on shipping costs (and the environmental impact) – encouraging shoppers to buy from multiple vendors, as they do not incur additional shipping fees for doing so.


Participation fee: $50 (sliding scale available)
Commission: 15% of sales (will not be charged if sales are under $100)

Why is there commission and a participation fee?

The participation fee will cover static costs such as the website and shop fees, programming needs, advertisement, promotion, honorariums for the selection committee.

The commission fees will cover payment processing fees, a 2.5% towards community charitable causes, packing materials and any extra shipping fees that are not covered by the flat rate.

Any remaining money will be compensation for the time and labour of the show organizers.

Who Can Participate?

The Pride Not Prejudice Market is focused on anti-oppressive activism and ideals. The goal is to highlight feminist, queer, disabled, racialized, and other marginalized makers, artists, and brands.

Applications are open to all makers and creators with products, brands, or identities that fit within that goal, mission, and objective.

All makers must be willing and able to physically transport (or make arrangements to get) their products to the Central Hub (located near St Laurent Mall – we can agree to meet at St Laurent if necessary, or vendors can group together to arrange transportation). Vendors are NOT to rely on shipping for this part of the process as this poses challenges of the parcel not arriving (Canada Post in particular is struggling right now). The timeline to be able to get packages out to customers is tight – waiting on one vendor’s items that are stuck in the mail is not part of this timeline.

Due to this requirement, our focus is on makers and artists within the overall Ottawa area. We are open to application to makers and artists from further away, such as Montreal, as long as they are willing to still abide by this requirement. (Perhaps multiple makers could send one vehicle?)

Due to our goal to provide consolidated, flat rate shipping, certain items will not be accepted.

Products not accepted:

  • Prints/artwork larger than 14″ x 14″ (unless it can be rolled with a width of less than 14″).
  • Overly fragile items (such as delicate glass or clay).
  • Perishable items (including food and plants) or items sensitive to temperature fluctuations during shipping. Packaged, shelf stable food is fine.
  • Digital items (however, if you have a “freebie”, we will be making a page featuring these free downloadables).
  • Customizable items (in order to ensure quick turn around).

Application Dates

First Round Application Deadline: September 18, 2020 @ 11:59pm.
Rolling Application Deadline: Until full or October 2, 2020 @ 11:59pm.
Vendor Notification (first round): by September 23, 2020.
Vendor Fee Payment Deadline: October 12, 2020.
Public Vendor Announcement: October 14, 2020.


We will not be collecting taxes on items. If your business collects HST, please adjust your prices as necessary.


As this is an online show and we are looking to cultivate a manageable number of listings, both for the benefit of the data entry and for an overall shopping experience. As such, vendors are limited to 30 listings.

Listings can have one variant groups with up to five variants. For example, one listing (a knit hat, for example) could have colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue).

One exception to this limitation is for sizes for clothing. We want to allow and encourage you to be as size inclusive as possible. As such, if you are selling an article of clothing, you can have as many variants within the size variant group as necessary. For example: size (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL).

A second exception to this limitation is for pronoun and pride flag related items. Due to the fact there are more than five pronouns used and more than five pride flags/identities we are willing to work with makers on this. You can either have additional variations or can have a personalization box where shoppers can write in the flag(s) or pronouns they would like. Please make it clear in your listing photos/description what the options are – drop off deadlines will still need to be met.

Vendors must submit their listings using the Google Docs template (to be finalized and provided during the announcement of acceptance) according to the dates below. Those submitting by the Early Bird listing may submit 5 additional listings.

Early Bird Listing Deadline: October 9, 2020.
Listings Deadline: October 16, 2020.

We are providing ample time between this deadline and the show to allow for entry, verification, and tweaks as necessary. While listings will not be able to be changed, we will have flexibility to adjust quantities within reason.

Due to the listing limits, it is suggested that vendors consider prioritizing works that can be listed with a quantity (prints, things you have multiple of, etc) for at least some of their listings in order to ensure success.

GUIDE: Submitting Your Listings
(once accepted)


When dropping items off at the central hub, it is incredibly important that items be well packaged, bundled, and labeled. This will ensure that customers receive their whole, complete order in a timely manner and in turn ensure that vendors receive their payouts as quickly as possible.

Should products be received in a state that does not follow the following guidelines, the organizers reserve the right to ask the vendor to fix the problems or to issue a refund to shoppers and return the products to the vendor. No refund of the participation fee would occur should this be necessary.

Packaging Guidelines:

Products need to be securely packaged by order and then clearly labeled (more information about labels to follow). What this looks like varies depending on your product, but some examples:
Stickers, buttons, magnets, patches (small things) – in sealed envelope.
Prints – in a sealed envelope, or plastic sleeve
T-Shirts, art, embroidery – in sealed envelope, polymailer, bag, or box.

If your items are fragile, please ensure they are adequately protected with bubble wrap

A trend you may have noticed is an emphasis on the word sealed. When handling potentially hundreds of orders with multiple vendors, ensuring that the items are kept in easily identifiable, secure packaging. If using washi tape to seal things, please make sure it will actually stay attached. If in doubt, please also use regular tape.

In short, you should be able to take each order’s package and shake it around and nothing should come apart or out.

Each package should be clearly labelled with the following, in this order:

  • The order number
  • The customer name
  • Your name/business name
  • The items contained in the order

If you are using slips of paper instead of labels, please ensure the slips are taped on all four sides to avoid them coming off. A sample of a label will be provided closer to the date.

Drop Off

Items must be dropped off on or by Saturday, November 14th. We will have someone at the address (our home) to receive your organized, packaged, and labeled orders between 8am and 9pm. If you wish to drop off earlier in the week, please contact us so we can work out an arrangement.

Shipping to Customers

All packages will be shipped with tracking using Canada Post or through a local delivery service. The tracking will ensure we are able to guarantee delivery of packages.

Local Pick Up

Customers will be notified when their order is ready for pick up with the address and the time slots available for pickup (as well as a reminder to wear a mask for pick up).

Accessibility & Concerns

If you would like to discuss any of this, have questions, concerns, etc. Please reach out to us at or within the Vendor Facebook group (linked below). If you’d prefer to speak by phone, please provide your phone number in the email and we will arrange to call you.


(Prospective) Vendor Facebook Group
Application Sample Inventory Template
Application Form